copywrite Sedo Unus 2013 With immediate effect the deployment of UN forces has been sanctioned. As part of covert operations, Defense Forces Rangers have discovered evidence of the use of chemical weapons. While it has been difficult to prove without a doubt the evidence has been enough to justify the intervention of military action from UN forces. A combined force including the Irish defense forces have been deployed and should be on the ground by the end of the week (26th October 2013). The task is to gather intelligence, further evidence of mass graves and genocide and prevent the use of chemical warfare, seize and safely dispose of any such materials. A rebel militia has decided to rid the country of any opposing factions and overthrow the government and establish a new regime. The concerns for the UN are that, like other countries in the region, they become unresponsive and oppose any involvement in any UN aspirations for peace in the region. The concerns are that such, UN HQ has raised the threat level to 4. The feeling is that military action is inevitable and imminent, even though all avenues of negotiations are being sought and tested. Operation  GREENHAWK DOWN      MILSIM EVENT 10hrs full on event. 0900-1900hrs Ammo Limits: AEG 700rds (midcap, hi cap) Sniper 150rds Support weapons 2000rds ammo limits include side arms Teams: Irish Defence Forces: CAMO ONLY (NO CIVI CLOTHING!) Rebels: CIVI CLOTHING ONLY (NO CAMO CLOTHING!!) Assault vests acceptable but make sure your clothing reflect the team your on. Report for duty at 0800hrs for registration and set up. Price £20 Book in advance to choose your team or you will be allocated a team on the day (YOU WILL NEED TO BRING SET OF CLOTHES FOR BOTH TEAMS IF YOU DONT!) FPS LIMITS: 328 for ALL weapons!