Bang Rule Telling someone they are hit at close range (within 5metres distance) You MUST have a clear unmissable shot to use this rule!  Take it even IF you dont give it!  It is a courtesy not obligitory to use this rule.   copywrite Sedo Unus 2013 Die with Honour Some sites have different target areas. At Predator everything is a target. Including the gun.   Secondary weapons DO NOT COUNT!! Head shots are an absolute last resort and should be avoided if at all possible. When hit SHOUT "HIT" 3 times and loud. Move directly off to your spawn point.   DO NOT look around to see who shot you (pussy airsoft). DO NOT continue to load magazines after being hit (bluffer airsoft). Chrono Station ALL airsoft guns will be chrono’d regulary.  Please don’t bring a “hot” gun to the site as it could lead to a lifetime ban if deemed deliberate!     Re-Spawn: Re-Spawn points are revealed on game day but we have a system that should speed up game play Barrels with painted cross - this signifies a re- spawn.  It can only be used if it is free of skirmishing! You may only re-spawn BEHIND you own lines.  You must NOT re-spawn behind enemy lines to gain advantage.     Controlled Bursts: Some aegs now have a high rate of fire. While they are not a higher FPS they ARE shootng as much as twice the amount at any one time. Players who have this must always be aware of this and perform control busts of fire. This applies to ALL players but ESCPECIALLY to those who have high rate of fire! Please respect this.     DO NOT engage in conversation with the opposing team especially when they are in DEAD MEN/WOMEN DONT TALK ..............AT ALL!   Do NOT stand in front of other players in your team when you are hit. Move directly out of line of fire ASAP.   Human shields constitutes CHEATIN! Uncaps: Stay out of them unless on a mission.